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A Practical Bibliography of Books for the Mediation Practitioner

I want to acknowledge Ken Reed for letting me see his bibliography when I was starting this project; Woody Mosten, not only for giving me the initial list of must-reads, but for setting me on course and for extending his wisdom and continued guidance; and my husband, Bob Brown, for his ideas and support even as he rolled his eyes at my obsessive collection of these titles.

Early in my education and training as a mediator I started compiling a list of the books on mediation I wanted to read. Woody Mosten started me out with a list of must-reads. I bought those books, and they all had bibliographies. So I added the books in those bibliographies to my list. And so it went. I became enthralled by the sheer number of books on mediation and conflict resolution and decided that it might be helpful to other practitioners as well to have these works pulled together in one bibliography with consistent citation format. Here is the result. It includes even a few titles that have not yet been released. This is a bibliography of books only, and it was my intent to limit this particular list to titles that seem to be useful primarily to the practitioner. I’d be happy to know about books you think should be added to the list.

© 2008- 2010 Barbara Brown

Bibliography Update

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