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ChatGPT: Enhancing Mediation Skills Independently, Anytime

In recent months, I have made a remarkable discovery. Mediators can now independently practice and enhance their skills at any time by utilizing ChatGPT-assisted mediation simulations. In these simulations, ChatGPT can assume the roles of parties, lawyers, and an invisible, behind-the-scenes mediation ‘Assistant,’ providing valuable feedback and advice to the mediator.

Recognizing the potential usefulness of this discovery for mediation trainees, beginner mediators, experienced mediators, and mediation trainers worldwide, on January 9, 2024, I conducted a 1-hour webinar with participants from 32 countries.

Our event began with a 4-minute video. In the first segment, I posed these simple, straightforward questions to ChatGPT: What are you in a few words? How can you help mediators in practicing and refining their skills? What roles are you capable of playing in mediation simulations? Why do you believe traditional mediation training is still necessary?

In the second part of the video, I challenged ChatGPT. In short, I tasked it with creating a brief, intense dialogue between two individuals; identifying their underlying feelings; and finally, naming the individual and shared unmet needs of those two parties, based on Abraham Maslow’s theory of universal human needs.

To discover (and listen to) what transpired during my 4-minute conversation with ChatGPT, check out this video:

In our webinar, I also explained the following:

  1. What sets AI-assisted mediation simulations apart and why they complement and enhance traditional classroom or online simulations.
  2. The three steps to follow for setting up and running ChatGPT-assisted mediation simulations seamlessly and effectively.
  3. Why Gerry O’Sullivan’s book, “The Mediator’s Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes” is particularly useful in the context of ChatGPT-assisted simulations.


1 – ‘Getting Started Kit’

For mediators interested in running their initial ChatGPT-assisted mediation simulation, I have assembled a “Getting Started Kit.” This kit includes the PDF transcript of a simulation depicting a typical court-ordered mediation involving a Landlord vs. Tenant dispute over back rent. The simulation encompasses two parties, a mediation ‘Assistant,’ joint and private mediation meetings, and a debriefing session..

2 – Testing ChatGPT’s Proficiency in Foreign Languages

As you saw and heard in the above 4-minute video, ChatGPT acknowledges variations in its proficiency in foreign languages. Consequently, I am reaching out to experienced mediators whose native language is not English. I am seeking individuals willing to:

  • Translate the Landlord/Tenant mediation transcript provided above into their native language.
  • Conduct a mediation simulation with ChatGPT in that language.
  • Evaluate ChatGPT’s overall proficiency in their native language.
  • Share the results of the test with other mediators.

3 – New LinkedIn Group ‘AI Mediators Network: Learn, Share, Connect’

The aim of this new LinkedIn Group is to offer mediators worldwide the opportunity to:

  • Share insights, tips, and best practices for incorporating AI tools like ChatGPT or Google Bard  into their mediation training or practice.
  • Engage in stimulating discussions and collaborate with fellow mediators who share similar interests.
  • Stay informed about upcoming online events at the intersection of AI and mediation


Giuseppe Leone

Giuseppe Leone, a retired mediator in Hawaii, has been practicing mediation since 1997. He leveraged online video conferencing apps like Skype and later Zoom to conduct extensive mediation simulations with mediators worldwide. Recently, Giuseppe has uncovered a method for mediators to independently practice and enhance their mediation skills at any… MORE

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