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Conflict Resolution For Kids

I found this today and thought it would be a fun read for those mediators out their with children!
Recently, my friend’s four-year-old had a preschool classmate over for a play date. All was copasetic until his pal grabbed a much-loved toy helicopter and took off across the living room…

1) Make a Plan
If talking doesn’t work, break all the toys.

2) Redirect
Are you really angry with him for taking the toy or are you really upset about the Big Bank Bail Out, or the Mortage Crisis?
3) Have Realistic Expectations
Mikey not really be in the mood to say sorry… especially since there is a distinct smell coming from his diaper.
4) Focus on Feelings & Relationships
“So it you sound like you are really angry about the blocks being knocked over. It also sounds like having a relationship with Mr. Elephant is important to you.”

5) Obedience Isn’t The Goal

“Say you are sorry because I said so or I am taking away Mr. Elephant. 1… 2….”
Ok, thats my attempt at humor. The title of the tips are real but I added in the comedic descriptions.

Read the real article [

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson, Ph.D., is a professor at Lipscomb University, researcher, mediator, and trainer. He is also involved in crisis and hostage negotiation as well as a law enforcement detective. His research includes law enforcement crisis and hostage negotiation in terrorist incidents. He received his doctorate from Griffith University Law School… MORE >

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