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Expert Forms for Mediators

Expert mediators Bob Berlin and Carolyn L. Raines have generously shared their full packet of expert mediation forms for anyone to use!

These forms have been crafted over decades of practice to encompass all elements of the mediation process.

Click on the links below to download editable word DOC versions of each document. Bob and Carolyn are fine with you just deleting the logo and address on these forms and replacing them with your own.

Here’s a brief introduction to the forms:

Full Form Pack (all items below, in a single ZIP file)

The Mediation Process

Agreement to Mediate

Agreement Form

Party Information Form

Opening Statement

Mediation Pack Checklist


Intake Form

Confirmation Letter

Attorney-Party Evaluation

Attorney Information Form

Opening Statement Checklist

Many thanks to Bob and Carolyn for sharing this incredible resource with the global mediation community. These forms will be invaluable to future generations of mediators as they build their practices and help people find resolutions to their disputes!


Bob Berlin

Robert A. "Bob" Berlin, J.D.    President, The New Decision Management Associates, Inc. has primary responsibility for Mediation, Negotiation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Services. Bob has experience in handling ADR cases numbering in excess of 4000 civil and family law mediations since 1968. As a registered arbitrator, mediator and neutral evaluator… MORE >


Carolyn Raines

Carolyn L. Raines CEO and Co-Trainer - Carolyn brings to The New Decision Management Associates expertise in corporate management, organizational performance, and behavioral analysis. A graduate of Middle Georgia College, she holds an A.A. in Education. Carolyn is a registered neutral with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. She… MORE >

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