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Holiday Parenting Part II

Kalamazoo Mediation by Jeff Murphy

Holiday Parenting Part II
In Part I, I recommended that you contact your “ex” before the holiday rush to confirm that he/she was going to live up to the parenting schedule you had worked out before.

Here in Part II, I want to remind you that it’s you and your spouse who divorced and not your kids. They didn’t file for divorce, you did. If you or your ex is bad mouthing the other in front of the kids, remember they will learn to bad mouth you. “What goes around, comes around”.

Your kids will cope better with your divorce if they see that you both treat each other with respect, expecially in how you each talk about and handle their parenting schedule.

Make it a good holiday for your kids!


Jeff Murphy

Jeff Murphy is a trained mediator and an attorney with over 35 years of business, civil and commercial legal experience. He was born and raised in New York CIty where he attended Columbia and Fordham. He ventured westward to join The Upjohn Company years ago and served as Senior Counsel… MORE >

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