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From Dr. John Windmueller’s blog.

Geoff Sharp at Mediator Blah Blah (and how wonderful a blog name is that?) recently gave kudos to Harvard’s Program on Negotiation (PON) for their online resources.

The kudos is deserved, but as an alumni of GMU’s Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution, it can’t help but also raise a sense of intra-field, wholly friendly rivalry. So, after–or before–visiting PON, check out ICAR’s website. Visit the new ICAR News Network, read over the most recent newsletter, and browse through the collection of working papers, all available for free download in .pdf form.


John Windmueller

Dr. John Windmueller I’m an Assistant Professor at the University of Baltimore’s Center for Negotiations and Conflict Management. My Ph.D. is in Conflict Analysis & Resolution (George Mason University’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution) and my MA and BA degrees are in International Affairs (Florida State University). Prior to… MORE >

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