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ICODR Podcast Episode 20 – Why Is Justice Lagging Behind? with Mirèze Philippe

You need to believe in a project. If you don’t believe in it, you can’t take it forward.”  In this episode, host, Ian Macduff, talks with guest, Mirèze Philippe–a French lawyer and dispute resolution practitioner—about the following:

  • The problems that have stopped justice services from moving online
  • What is the definition of ODR?
  • ODR as a court-based process as opposed to a settlement process

About Mirèze Philippe:

Mirèze is a French lawyer of French and Lebanese origin. 

She is a dispute resolution practitioner and was Special Counsel at the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration ICC until her retirement end 2022. 

Mirèze has been in the field of online dispute resolution since 2000 and built various platforms, namely for ICC and for ArbitralWomen alongside IT engineers. She was also member of the UNCITRAL Working Group III on ODR. She is Fellow of the National Centre for Technology and Dispute Resolution (“NCTDR”) (, Board member of the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution (“ICODR”), and Advisory Board member of ODR Africa Network ( 

Mirèze is co-founder of ArbitralWomen (AW), an organisation gathering and promoting female practitioners in international dispute resolution. She is member of various organisations promoting gender equality and equal opportunities for equal qualifications. She received the CPR 2018 Diversity Award for outstanding contributions to diversity in ADR.

Mirèze published articles on arbitration, online dispute resolution and gender diversity. Her résumé and publications are available on ArbitralWomen website:


Mirèze Philippe

Mirèze is a French lawyer of French and Lebanese origin. She also holds a Master in Business Administration. She speaks English, French, Arabic, German and understands Spanish. She is Special Counsel at the ICC International Court of Arbitration that she has joined in 1984.   After having administered arbitration procedures… MORE >


Ian MacDuff

Ian is Teaching Fellow, Centre for ICT Law at Auckland Law School. He was, until June 2016, Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Dispute Resolution Initiative at Singapore Management University. He previously taught at Victoria University of Wellington for a number of years. He has been a practising… MORE >

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