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In an Era of Chaos with the Coronavirus; The Solution to Support our Leaders is Online Mediation

Nowadays, with the Corona-virus taking precedent all over our businesses, professional and personal life, leaders are facing high levels of stress in their roles. This is taking a toll on the quality of human relationships with all the change management this health crisis has brought to us. While we have more time at home, perhaps we should spend some of that time resolving long-standing issues. Online mediation and online coaching are two options for working through conflict.

Last year (2019), I was fortunate to gain a certification in how to professionally and ethically conduct Online Mediation at the Santa Clara University, with some of the great experts in this area; Colin Rule, former Director of Online Dispute Resolution for eBay and Paypal, Clare Fowler from, and Janet Martinez, Director of Gould Negotiation & Mediation Program at Stanford Law School (pictured above).

Today, the Corona-virus is affecting each and every one at all levels, as an individual, collectively, with our relationships with family and at work. This health crisis also is affecting organizations, health systems, and government. When humans feel threatened on the levels of physiological and safety needs, our abilities to deal with conflict constructively diminishes significantly.

The truth is that we are in this situation together, and together we need to find our way out to a healthy community. Unfortunately, these are times where human conflict is on the rise, and it is when we all need to keep ourselves in a state of compassion to allow our human creativity to discover newer ways to cope with life as a whole and participate in global solutions for the betterment of society.

Online mediation and online coaching are two tools that we can contribute to others in our current reality, in where we all have to have a safe social distance. Online mediation and coaching can help in keeping people in a state of creativity, compassion, and gratitude while defocus from the fear mode that is all around us coming from others, media and such. This fear can eventually affect us more than the virus in many ways, including our health.

We need to keep grounded to be able to work through change, fears, and stresses that life is throwing at us right now. If you are having feelings of loneliness, isolation, and impotence, not only because of the social distance requirements, working from home, and because of so much uncertainty, online coaching can be of great support. Perhaps you want to resolve some issues with family or in your professional circles, online mediation can be the right solution. It is never too late to resolve inner conflict or interpersonal conflict.


Yvette Durazo

Yvette Durazo is the founder of Unitive Consulting, a leadership coaching, strategic conflict management, and consulting firm. She recently moved to San Jose, California to expand her opportunities to serve organizations with her unique educational background and capability. Yvette brings a strategic consulting and coaching perspective to finding unique solutions… MORE >

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