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Make Money Mediating Podcast 501: Crafting a Killer Business Plan for a Great New Year

In this episode of the ‘Make Money Mediating’ podcast, host Susan Guthrie provides listeners with an in-depth guide on crafting a robust business plan for dispute resolution practices.

Susan emphasizes the importance of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. Susan also highlights the booming dispute resolution industry and the scope for expansion it presents. She delves into creating tailored plans, offering unique services and setting realistic financial projections with contingency planning.

Susan also mentions the usage of AI-assisted tools for efficiency. To routinely revise the plan and stay ahead of the curve, she suggests the listeners review and revisit their plan at least yearly so that they can find success and make money mediating!

Episode Markers:

  • 00:00 Introduction and Welcome Back
  • 00:35 The Importance of Business Planning
  • 04:02 The Growth of Dispute Resolution Industry
  • 07:49 Crafting a Killer Business Plan for 2024
  • 20:00 Setting Realistic Goals and Objectives
  • 23:05 Financial Projections for a Solid Future
  • 25:12 Risk Analysis and Contingency Planning
  • 27:55 Pulling it All Together: The Executive Summary
  • 30:49 Conclusion and Future Workshops

Mentioned in this episode:

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The Anatomy of a Great Business Plan


Susan Guthrie

Susan Guthrie, nationally recognized as one of the Top Family Law and Mediation Attorneys in the country, has been helping individuals and families navigate separation and divorce for more than 30 years. Susan provides legal coaching services to select clients around the world.   Susan recently partnered with legal and mediation legend, Forrest… MORE >

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