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One Critical Missing Service Provider To Make Life Easier

Sometimes finding something lost or seemingly missing is a challenging ordeal.

Then we stop and think for a moment and find the sunglasses on our head, the phone in our hand, the keys right where they always are. It’s the same with solutions to disputes. The answer isn’t as missing, lost, impossible or elusive as we mistakenly believe. It’s within our sight, our grasp.

We can be terribly nearsighted, figuratively speaking or have blinders on to the point we can’t see how right in front of us, or just off to the side, is the door to problem solving and how we can be walking through it at relatively shortly thereafter, the exit door.

Mediation is that path, that process that untangles the emotions and content and their connection, discover and define the interests, collaboration possibilities, encourage and develop creative proposals, put good trades in front of people and a guide you through the wilderness of it all.

We take a micro view when a macro perspective is needed and a macro one when a more narrow approach is required, at least temporarily.

Big picture, little picture, short term, long term. The answers we seek is in all of it.

We miss opportunities when we choose avoidance, compromise (an uninspiring dirty word), or aggressively compete without regard to relationships, implementation or sustainability.

Watch the news or read about it and every day there are toxic examples of people drowning in their irrational thinking, biases, aggressiveness or passive aggression, all-or-nothing thinking, consumed in the moment and not thinking of consequences.

The costs they inflict on others – and themselves – painful.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can evolve to the point of learning, practicing, choosing and engaging fully in mediating our disputes for the betterment of ourselves with the benefits extending to relationships, our future and a healthier society for all of us.

Consider reading up on mediation and shopping for someone true to the principles of it – as not all professionals in any field are going to provide you service that pleases you.

When you do find that mediator you trust to be that vital, critical, difference-making party to help breakthrough the struggles and allow you to make your own decisions, they can be as valued to you as your favorite doctor, dentist, mechanic, accountant, restaurant, someone whom does your hair or any other service you use frequently.

They will be bringing you increased confidence and a higher comfort level in a conflicted situation because you know you have reliable help that you don’t want to handle or can’t handle all by yourself.


Michael Toebe

Michael is a conflict management specialist, serving businesses and individuals in strategically, effectively gaining deeper understanding of conflicts and disputes and working through them more protectively and wisely. MORE >

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