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Quick Reference for Selecting a Mediator

Five Steps to Choosing a Qualified Mediator

Checklist 1: What Do You Want?
1. What are your goals?
2. What mediation approach do you prefer?
3. Assess your abilities: strengths, weaknesses
4. What is your timeframe?
5. What is your budget?
Checklist 2: Get Names
1. Ask people and professionals whom you know
2. Look at directories
3. Call referral services (ask whether they charge to
refer you to a mediator)
Checklist 3: Evaluate Written
1. Fees: Hourly? Daily? How much?
2. Education: How much? What? How recent?
3. Experience: What kinds of disputes? How many
mediations? Areas of specialization?
4. Written (if available): Understandable? Complete?
5. Insurance: Yes? What kind?
6. Professional memberships, certifications,
adherence to ethical standards?
Checklist 4: Interview
1. What ethical standards apply?
2. Confidentiality?
3. What approach to mediation?
4. More about training and experience?
5. Logistics (meetings, written agreements)?
6. How much will this cost?
7. Domestic abuse concerns?
Checklist 5: Evaluate
1. Evaluate the mediator’s skills and abilities
against the tasks listed above.
2. Did the mediator understand you, listen well, act
neutral, understand the problem, convey respect, analyze
3. Can you afford the services?
4. Can the mediator work with your time frame?
5. Will the other parties agree to the mediator?

The information on this page has been excerpted from the
Consumer’s Guide to Mediation
published by the Alaska Judicial Council,
with funding from the State Justice Institute.


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