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Reflective Practice: In Their Voices Interview with Lucy Moore

Reflective Practice: In Their Voices Video Conversation Project

In this conversation, Michael interviews Lucy Moore, a dazzling and vivid storyteller who uses stories of her experiences in Navajo Country and as an environmental mediator to describe her journey through new cultures, learning to respond and adapt to unfamiliar patterns, norms, and values.


Lucy Moore

Since the late 1980s Lucy Moore has been a practicing mediator, facilitator, consultant and trainer. Her focus has been natural resources and public policy disputes, and clients have included federal, state and local agencies, tribal governments and communities, public interest organizations and industry. The subject of the disputes has been wide-ranging,… MORE >


Michael Lang

After 40 years I ended active practice as a mediator.  Now, I am engaged in writing, editing and mentoring.  My current project is Living Together, Separating, Divorcing: Surviving During a Pandemic, an ebook published on Amazon.  Along with my publishing partners, Peter Nicholson and Fiona McAuslan, and with the collaboration… MORE >

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