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Make Money Mediating Podcast 504: Start Smart: The Tech, Tactics & Targets You Need to Launch Your Practice

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Building a Successful Mediation Practice with special guest, David H. Salmon

In this episode of the ‘Make Money Mediating’ podcast, host Susan Guthrie has a conversation with David H. Salmon, an attorney mediator and entrepreneur in the ADR field as a Co-Founder of ADR Support. They discuss key elements needed in launching, growing, and maintaining a successful mediation practice.

Susan and David discuss the importance of establishing a tech infrastructure, implementing a go-to market strategy, and maintaining growth within a practice. They highlight the role of the mediator in creating a personalized practice, the benefits of being associated with an established mediator, and the role of personal goals in business strategy.

Key Moments in the Episode:

00:02 Introduction and Guest Introduction
00:11 The Importance of Inside Knowledge in Mediation
01:11 Guest’s Background and Experience
02:02 The Challenges of Transitioning into Mediation Practice
03:16 The Three Buckets of Practitioners
04:11 The Importance of Back-end Processes in Mediation Practice
04:56 The Role of ADR Support in Mediation
07:17 The Importance of Setting Goals in Mediation Practice
10:49 The Technical Infrastructure Needed for Mediation Practice
22:16 The Importance of a Go-to-Market Strategy
28:49 Maintaining and Growing Your Mediation Practice
38:48 Conclusion and Contact Information

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More About This Week’s Special Guest:  David H. Salmon

David H. Salmon is the CEO of ADR Support, a complete back-office and administrative support service that works exclusively with professional neutrals nationwide. David and his team manage 90+ full time neutrals made up of 45 independent practices in 18 states. He is also the managing partner of Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution, a large well-established panel firm in Florida. 

David is an expert at facilitating the transition into full time neutral work, and maintaining elite, highly profitable mediation practices. He is also a successful third generation mediator and proud father of two.
[email protected]
[email protected]
Office: 866.425.7174

Mentioned in this episode:

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