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The Spiritual Side of Mediation

Disagreements and disputes are a part of living.  There are varies ways to resolutions other than litigation.   An excellent alternative is mediation.  The disputants with the help of a mediator develop solutions from which come resolutions.  The mediator assists disputants to have difficult conversations. 

The reasons for successful outcomes are numerous.   The skills of the mediator play a major role.  The confidentiality of the sessions allows for candor and honesty without any fears of blabbering.  The voluntary nature of mediation expresses the willingness of the disputants to participate.   A key essential, that usually results in not only resolutions but healings, is the participants good faith.  Simply put they’re willing to seriously consider understanding the other participants perceptions.   From a Christian perspective this is addressing conflict in the light of the beatitudes.   It’s not as important of who is right or wrong it’s more about how we create or maintain a relationship as creatures of God.  My guess is that most major religions have similar values.

As a mediator I find the above concepts humbling yet uplifting.  Mediators help people develop or maintain good relationships while working through disagreements.  Ultimately good relationships evolve into better communities and that’s what we all want. 

In simplistic terms mediators are catalysts for peace.  It’s something that we mediators tend to forget.  It’s a concept that can energize us and keep us from burning out. 


Charlie Young

Charlie Young was raised and educated in MA, and was ordained a priest for the Baker City Oregon Diocese.  Charlie served as a priest in the Baker diocese from 1958 to 1977 and was an assistant pastor and pastor and the Director of the Office of Religious Education from 1971-77.… MORE

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