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Three Cool Tech Tools for Mediators

The Internet is a wonderful thing…when it works.   Early on, finding anything I wanted on the internet seemed like a miracle.   Curious about blogs.  Search blogs and up pops articles and tools about blogging.  Curious about how mediation is used by corporations?  Blam….there it is.  Having more  information than would normally be available in a convenient way-right at my fingertips- was very exhilarating.  I bet you felt the same way. Now, as the internet has evolved, things have changed.  And, that’s the understatement.  It kinda feels like a dirty trick.  Just when I get the hang of search I discover so much information- broad, narrow, useful and superfluous- that it’s overwhelming. I’m managing to keep the lid on information overload and find the very best bits of marketing news, advice and tools.  Of course, you’re the first person I thought of telling.  Mediators need tech tools! Solo practitioner- if you’re not using online tools to help increase productivity, market more effective and how some fun, you’re working way too hard. Really. Here are a couple to lifesavers I came across recently that can help you spend less time working to attract clients and more time mediating.

  1. YouTube Ok, this may seem like an odd choice but YouTube is my on-call tech coach.  There are thousands of video tutorials on just about every major internet tool (twitter, google analytics, wordpress) and topic.  All free.  Of course, some ‘teachers’ are better than others, but once you find somone who you like, you’ve got your own tech coach free.  Niche marketing, which is key for mediators, is all about metrics and deeply understanding your market via metrics like Google Analytics.  I hate tracking metrics but I can’t argue with insights that actually boost my bottom line. (PS Also, all the videos are like samples of the best and worse for video production.  Study Youtube to learn how to develop your own video and what to avoid.)
  2. SEOmoz This Internet Marketing Handbook is the proverbial 800 pound gorilla.  This book-actually a web page- rules because it is filled with tools and learning guides to master online marketing.  You probably know that your website should be keyword rich yet may be wondering where to find the right keywords.  SEOmoz has literally dozens of keyword tools to test the right ones.  Soolve looked interesting; I’ll have to try it.
  3. FindYourSpot You might consider this one strictly for fun, however, don’t underestimate what you can learn here.  FYS can help you select the perfect place to relocate.  It offers stats and user reviews of different communities.  Search your town or nearby communities to see if the demographics and group characteristics  are compatible with your practice niche and marketing efforts.  Then, take a break and pick that spot to spend your golden years relaxing!

A great big thanks to Copyblogger for reminding me to share what I find by linking to others.  Speaking of which, if you missed the Conflict Resolution Day celebration you’re in luck.  A brief summary is available at


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