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Article Dispute Policy


Authors, we expect that your submitted articles are original and that you have appropriately acknowledged your ideas and text in a professional manner.

Allegation of Impropriety

In the event of an allegation of impropriety regarding an article or of plagiarism, will provisionally remove the involved articles to provide time for more careful analysis.

Direct Negotiation Encouraged will notify involved parties and provide a period of 30 days (after notification) for the parties’ direct communication to resolve the matter.

Online Mediation

If a dispute is not resolved after such 30 days, the parties may request the assistance of an online mediator. In such event, will provide an online mediator at no cost to the parties.


If online mediation is declined or not successful within 30 days after a request for the same, any party may ask for a decision from

A decision will be made by a panel of at least three people comprised of the managing editor of and at least two board members. The decision will relate only to whether to post or not post the articles in question. No other judgments nor decisions will be made.