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Hosting Gregorio Billikopf’s Empathic Listening Audio Seminar

Arranged by Thomas Nicolaisen

Last year, I came across an awesome free resource for learning mediation and as part of that, empathic listening.

As I blogged about at the time, Gregorio Billikopf‘s audio seminar “Listening First Aid: An Empathic Approach” provided me some very useful knowledge, not only for conflict mediation, but for every day life: Listening is obviously a huge part of how we operate socially, and becoming better at it is something that not many think about, although it is sorely needed for many.

Naturally, I was keen on letting others in on Gregorio’s resources, but the website where the audio seminar is hosted only offers a single zip file download containing the mp3 files, and a slow download at that. In this day and age where everything can be but a click away for attention, I figured it would be worthwhile making this content more accessible.

I sent Gregorio an email to ask if he was interested in this, and he was quite enthusiastic about seeing this happen. With his permission, I spun up a website, uploaded the mp3s to YouTube and SoundCloud and after a little tweaking over the weekend, we’ve launched it here:

I hope this will be useful for someone out there! Let me know if you have any feedback on the site.


Gregorio Billikopf

Gregorio Billikopf is an emeritus Labor Management Farm Advisor with the University of California and a visiting professor of the Universidad de Chile. His research and teaching efforts have focused on organizational productivity (selection, compensation, performance appraisal, discipline and termination, supervision) and interpersonal relations (interpersonal negotiation, conflict resolution, and mediation).  MORE >

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