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Oprah’s New Show “Confronting” Premieres

Oprah Winfrey was always impressed with the crime victims and perpetrators meeting and moving through the pain via dialogue. Now on the Oprah Winfrey Network, she’s running a series, “Confronting. . .”  

The premiere episode will be on this Saturday night, Sept. 17, 2011 at 10 pm and will show the dialogue between a woman whose daughter was killed by the other woman, and is facilitated by former judge Janine Geske, now a professor at a law school in Wisconsin and a leader in the RJ field.  

“Confronting . . .” documents the powerful and sometimes painful mediation process, where victim and offender come together to find some measure of closure. Mediation programs currently exist in 48 states across the country, and with each encounter the results are dramatic and life changing for both the victim and the offender. Every episode will follow both victim and offender as they prepare to come together, face to face, for the most important conversation of their lives.


Lisa’s son was killed by a drunk driver on prom night. Eight painful years later, she is preparing to meet the woman who destroyed her life. Lisa will face Kelly, the driver of the car, in this emotional confrontation.


Phyllis Lawrence

Phyllis Lawrence has been involved with restorative justice for over 10 years as an advocate, trainer, and practitioner. Her commitment to RJ principles and practices is fueled by her 16 years of law practice, 10 years' experience as a victim advocate, and personal experience as a survivor of violent crime. MORE >

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