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Reflective Practice: In Their Voices Interview with Ava Abramowitz & Kenneth Webb

Reflective Practice: In Their Voices Video Conversation Project

Ava and Ken apply behavioral analysis in order to understand what communication skills are likely most helpful and effective.  

They describe their process of coding mediation communications and explain the importance of their analysis of these behaviors as well as their implications for, and ability to add value in, both negotiations and mediation.


Michael Lang

For over 40 years Michael has mediated family, workplace and organizational disputes. He has designed and presented introductory and advanced mediation and conflict management courses, workshops and webinars in the US and internationally. Michael created one of the first graduate programs in conflict resolution in the US at Antioch University… MORE >


Ava Abramowitz

Ava J Abramowitz is a former assistant United States attorney and a practicing mediator for more than thirty years. She is a Professorial Lecturer in Law at the George Washington University Law School and the author of Architect’s Essentials of Negotiation. 2nd edition (Wiley 2009). She lives in Leesburg, Virginia… MORE >


Kenneth Webb

For the past 33 years, Kenneth E. Webb has served as an international consultant on negotiation and sales for Fortune 500 companies, first at Huthwaite America and now in his own practice. MORE >

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