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Say What? Marketing Feedback for Mediators

Got a note recently from Herbert Ong of, the referral and testimonial tool I profiled last year. He let me know that they had addressed my original concern and how much they appreciated the feedback.

That got me thinking about how tough it can be to ask for referrals or testimonials yet how essential they are.

Testimonial Software allows you to easily capture testimonials from clients and provide guidance for those who want to make referrals. Best of all once you set it, you can forget it—until it’s time to turn the leads you collect into new clients. You can get similar results with, and others.

How It Works

Kudosworks offers an indirect way to collect referrals and testimonials from those people who know or have worked with you. It’s easy to do. I got a test program up in less than 30 minutes and it actually worked. This might be a good option to add to a website instead of a ‘tell a friend’ software. How many ways could you worm Kudosworks into your marketing plan?

What Can You Do with It

Put it in all your marketing collateral, online and off. Let’s see. . .you could include it:

  • on your website
  • in your blog
  • in your ezine
  • in you email signature
  • on the back of your business card
  • on the bottom of your intake form
  • on the bottom of your feedback form
  • in your brochure

Why it Matters

Feedback loops, like Kudoworks and Zoomerang, are important because they help us hone our craft and build our spirits. Loops can become a recurring part of every ‘touch’ or communication you have with a client. That means clients have multiple opportunities to share you, and the value you’ve given to them, with their friends and family.

What used to be an ugly, awkward task becomes easy and automated…who doesn’t want that.*

Remember, word of mouth referrals are a main source of clients!

Ongoing Feedback Loops

What I like best about software like Kudosworks is that it enables us to check in with our clients about their interest, needs and how they value us in a consistent, comprehensive way. I love the idea of knowing for sure what works and growing from it. Nothing breeds success like success.

What does this mean to you? Ask for feedback as often as you can. Try some testimonial or referral software. It can only make you a better provider of mediation services and a better businessperson.

*Thinking Like An Entrepreneur Warning- Feedback can be a powerful thing. Turn on the spigot slowly… invite as much feedback as you can respond to-i.e. fix- in a timely, generous way.


Dina Beach Lynch

Dina Beach Lynch is a Workplace Mediator and Conflict Coach who supports professional practice groups. MORE >

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