This Week in Mediation #969

January 25, 2023 – OUR 28TH YEAR!
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Is Mediation like Quantum Physics? • Reflections on Civility and Ethics • Conflict Tipping Podcast Episode 15: Brianna Hernandez of Florida International University • Mediation in the News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs
Is Mediation like Quantum Physics?
by Phyllis Pollack
Browsing the internet for inspiration, I came upon an article in Live Science concerning quantum physics entitled “Does reality exist when we’re not looking” by Paul Sutter. Like quantum physics, a mediation begins with numerous possibilities and probabilities.
Reflections on Civility and Ethics
by Lee Hornberger
This article discusses some civility and ethical issues we experience in our professional practices. In fulfilling our professional responsibilities, wemust remain ever-mindful of our obligations of civility in pursuit of justice, the rule of law, and the fair and peaceable resolution of disputes and controversies.
A Statewide Banner: The Single Best Way to Expand Your Mediation Practice!
Many, if not most of us, have expanded our mediation services to be exclusively or substantially online.  In this online context, it likely makes sense for you to now offer your mediation services statewide. You can now easily expand the market for your online mediation services to be statewide with a Statewide Banner.  During January, you can also save 10% on your Statewide Banner with coupon code “Mediate10” at checkout!  
Conflict Tipping Podcast Episode 15: Brianna Hernandez of Florida International University
with Laura May
In this episode Laura interviews Brianna Hernandez.  Brianna is interested in the role of language as a product and producer of the actors and actions that comprise the international system and constructions of power dynamics. Her dissertation work exists at the nexus of environmentalism and feminism, and she earned her MA in International Studies en-route to the Ph.D.

  • Case Manager – Hawaii
  • Peer Mediation Coordinator – Hawaii
  • Ombudsperson – Denver
  • Ombuds – Harvard
  • Family Law Mediator – Remote
  • Ombudsperson – Ithaca, NY
  • Ombudsperson – Boston
  • Systems Sustainability Facilitator – NAFCM
  • Mediator FULL-TIME – FMCS AL, AZ, & CA


International ODR Forum Back to Bangalore India – March 17-18, 2023!
The International ODR Forum will be held in the “Silicon Valley of India” at the Bangalore International Centre on 17-18 March 2023!  The 22nd International ODR Forum is a 2-day gathering of 250+ innovators, change-makers and thought leaders across business, society and government who come together to listen, connect, inspire and imagine together pathways to advance ODR. Don’t miss this remarkable event!  Register here:
International Ombuds Association Conference April 3-5 in Seattle
The 18th Annual IOA Conference is “in person” this year in Seattle, WA, 3–5 April 2023.  After three-year wait, we are excited to bring our ombuddies together again from around the globe in beautiful Seattle! Registration is now open for the 18th Annual IOA Conference, “Ombuds as Change Agent? Reengaging and Transforming Conflict!” Full Information and Registration.

  • January 27 – Great Reads Book Club – Self Determination in Mediation: The Art and Science of Mirrors and Lights
  • by Dan Simon and Tara West
  • January 29 – February 12 – Family Mediation Practicum of the Ontario Association of Family Mediators
  • February 1-10 – 40-hr Basic Divorce Mediation Training with CT Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce
  • February 7 – Live Talk Tuesdays – An open discussion about developing an effective mediation practice with Dr. Clare Fowler
  • February 7-8 – Transformative Mediation Training with Dr. Nancy Ferrell
  • February 13-14 – 20-hour Child Protective Services Mediation Training
  • February 20 – 30-hour Advanced Civil/Advanced Family Mediation Training
  • February 21-24 – Basic Mediation Training with Dr. Nancy Ferrell
  • February 22-25 – Mediation Questions Training
  • February 25-March 4 – Conflict Coaching 101 – Community Boards of SF
  • March 1-5 – Civil and Family/Domestic Mediation Training
  • March 9-10 – 16th Annual Arbitration Institute – ABA Dispute Resolution Section
  • March 13 – 10 hour Basic Arbitration Training by Mediators and Arbitrators of America
  • March 17-18 ODR Global Forum – Bengaluru 2023
  • March 17-25 – 40-hour Family & Divorce Mediation Training by Keiter Mediation, LLC


Premium Dispute Resolution Domains Now Available 
One of the keys to a successful dispute resolution business (or any other business these days) is having a powerful and memorable domain name.  See: List of available premium dispute resolution domains.
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