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Become “Featured” to Expand Your Geographic Market

Featured screenshotIf you are currently a Premium Member at, upgrading to a Featured Membership greatly expands your reach to potential clients. We encourage you to do this!

This improved visibility is done first by showing your profile prominently on nearly every page of without visitors even needing to do a search to find you.

As a Featured Member, your professional profile appears prominently at the top right of nearly every page of for all visitors within a 50-mile diameter of the postal code you specify.

Featured Members also appear a second time about halfway down the Home Page.

When a site visitor does a search with a “Find a Mediator” query, Featured Members also are listed above all other directory results!

You are provided with one Featured Mediator listing as part of your upgrade to a Featured Membership. Just let us know where you want to geographically appear and we will help you to optimize your Featured Listing.

Further, you can also have your Featured Listing appear for multiple locations (additional postal code centers)! We are pleased to help you figure all this out. Just fill out this Request for Expanded Coverage Quote Form and we will get back to you pronto with our most effective recommendations.

Featured Listing RadiusFeatured Member listings are actively displayed to all visitors within a 50-mile diameter of your designated postal code. Each Featured Membership includes one postal code that you would like to use as the “center” of that radius.

If you would like multiple postal codes as centers to expand your geographic market, just fill out the Get Quote Now form and we will provide you with the lowest price we can to accomplish your desired coverage.

If you desire Statewide visibility, we recommend that you also consider obtaining one or more Statewide Banners! Full information on Statewide Banners is here, including sample banners and a state by state price list.

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