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Certification FAQ Certification Badges are annually updated

Where is information on the Certification Program located?

A.  All information is accessible from  Order “Certification Review” to begin the process.  You will then receive an email with additional instructions.  In due time, you will want to complete the Certification Application.

What are the basic requirements to be a Certified Mediator?

A.   Here is a quick summary of the basic requirements:

  • At least 100 hours of mediation training and 200 hours of mediation experience, with at least 12 hours of annual continuing education.
  • Ongoing comprehensive information disclosure, including fees and specific practice area case experience.
  • Commitment to highest ethical standards, disclosure of professional liability insurance status, availability of references.

What is the process for certification review?

A.  Here is a quick summary of the review process:

  • To begin the process, and after reviewing all of the information at, the applicant “orders” “ Certification Review.” 
  • A responsive email provides specific instructions to applicants. 
  • Most applicants take a few days to get all of their information together and posted online in the Directory and/or at the applicant’s web site.
  • Once the applicant believes that his or her information is complete and ready for review, the applicant completes a Certification Application.
  • respond to the application within 30 days.  The response will be either an approval, rejection, request for additional information and/or request for an interview. 
  • In the event of a failure to be approved, the applicant can make one “Request for Reconsideration.”
  • An applicant that fails to gain approval can reapply after 6 months.

What are all of the costs involved in Certification?

A.  Here is a summary of all costs:

  • The regular cost of applying for certification, including all first year certification costs, is $149.  If an applicant is not approved, $99 is refunded.
  • There is a $99 annual certification renewal fee.  This includes an updated review of presented information and of annual continuing education requirements.
  • To apply for Certification, you must be a Premium or Featured Member of  See
  • It is through a Premium or Featured Member’s Directory Listing and professional web site that required disclosures are made.  

What else should I know?

A.  Please review the Certification Program Principles and Values for an enhanced understanding of the Certification Program.

Can certification be attributed to a multi-person practice?

A.  No, certification evaluation and approval are individual and personal.

How does ensure that your Certified Mediators are well trained and experienced?

A.  First, we ask certification applicants to specifically list at least 100 hours of mediation training experience.  We insist that at least 30 of these hours are in a single comprehensive core mediation training.  The specific training that is best for an individual mediator is going to vary depending on their mediation practice area(s), their professional background and their current knowledge and skill needs.  We want to applaud those professionals that make a 100 hour mediation training commitment. No one, including retired judges and silver haired litigators, is excused from this training requirement.

As to mediation experience, we assist certified mediators to capably describe their mediation experience and we insist on the specific desigation (visible to the public) of practice area experience.  The fact that a mediator has thousands of hours of overall mediation experience is helpful.  Equally helpful is knowing whether the mediator has experience in a consumer’s particular type of dispute, so we ask for this disclosure as well.

Realistically, can not guarantee competence in a particular case, but we have set standards that we believe will lead mediators toward elevated competence and, critically, we help our mediators assemble their information so that consumers and their advisers can make more informed mediator selection decisions.

Are your Certified Mediators ever asked to disclose any confidential information?

A.  No.  We specifically ask that confidential information not be disclosed. 

You state that the mediator must have references available, must these references be clients?

A.  References can either be posted in the Mediator’s directory listing or web site, or they can be made available to consumers upon request.  References do not need to be clients, but should be people familiar with the quality of the mediator’s work.

How do you determine which mediation training programs are acceptable?

A.  We are looking for focused mediation training for at least 80 of the 100 required hours.  The other 20 hours can be in associated topics such as communication skills, cross cultural issues, etc.  We are looking for at least one quality A-Z comprehensive core mediation training of at least 30 hours.  Beyond this, we are sufficiently familiar with the mediation training and education market to know which are credible trainings.  Mediation courses taken at accredited colleges and universities, with well-established trainers and at state, regional and national conferences all qualify.  If has questions in this regard, we will request additional information or schedule an interview with the applicant.

Will becoming a Certified Mediator get me more clients?

A.  While there are no guarantees, studies show that mediators are primarily selected based upon their reputation, and we believe that accomplishing Certification is one of a number of reputational factors consumers and advisers will wisely consider.

Is the Certified Mediator Program available to mediators outside the USA?

A.  Yes, we see this as a global program for those mediators who want to make clear their elevated level of mediation training and experience.

How can I get my additional questions answered?

A.  Call at 541 345 1629 or email [email protected]