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Online Mediator Certification

Online Mediator Certification

The Online Mediator Certification Program is voluntary and establishes a standard of professionalism for mediators. Completion of the certification process offers consumers an additional valuable criterion by which to gauge the qualification of conflict management practitioners in the marketplace who perform mediations online.  Our certification is not a determination of competency in a particular practice area or field but a confirmation that the professional has substantial mediation training and experience and has engaged in best practice online transparency and disclosure.

The Online Mediator Certification is offered through our Premium and Featured Memberships. The core basics of the Online Certification is:

  • 100 total hours of training or academic coursework in conflict resolution and mediation. Of these 100 hours, at least 80 hours consist of training in mediation process skills, and at least 30 hours must be taken as part of a single comprehensive mediation training. You will include your training’s in your ADR
  • Taking the 20-hour “Mediating Online” or 20-hour “Mediating Online: Family and Divorce Mediation” Course
  • 100 hours minimum of mediation or active co-mediation experience within the last 5 years or 200 plus hours over the lifetime of your mediation career.
  • Disclosure of criminal convictions and professional disciplinary actions in the application
  • Your Directory will need to include your fees, practice areas, availability of references upon request, education, training’s, professional background, credentials and affiliations, mediation practice and approach and a recent photograph.
  • Confirm you agree to the “Model Standards of Practice for Mediator”
  • Upon approval it will place a gold checkmark on your profile along with the “Certified Mediator” badge on your professional details
  • Upon approval you will receive a badge to place on your website that links back to your profile at

You do not need to submit any of your documentation as proof of your meeting the requirements unless it is requested during the review process. Mediator Certification
$10 monthly or $99 annually
$49 one-time application fee Online Mediator Certification
$10 monthly or $99 annually
$49 one-time application fee